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Time gets away from us

As a kid time moved so slow, we all wanted to hurry up and be grown. We played house and pretend to do grown up things like cook, clean, take care of the baby or we played cops and robbers running around the yard trying to catch the bad guy that robbed the bank and stole a car. We had no idea what the grown up life was truly about. Time finally sped up and all the sudden we’re grown, with kids, a spouse, house, bills, and a job and now we envy the kids playing in the yard without a care in the world. The older we get the more time gets away from us. The tiny little baby that kept you up all night long is about to graduate, you’re celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, a lot of your family members have passed away, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore. You blink it’s a new day, a new week, month, year. All of the sudden you’re 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 oh my gosh where did the time go?

Stop wasting your time on things that don’t matter. Stop stressing over things out of your control. Stop worrying about the small stuff. Do you think when your time is up people will remember how polished your nails where, how clean your car was, what you credit score was or if you paid your bills on time every month, do you think they will remember your perfect yard or spotless baseboards. No they will remember your laugh, your hug, all the fun times you had, the memories you made, the goofy conversations, the love. They will remember and miss you. Time is something you can’t ever get back once it’s past. Stop taking it for granted, don’t say I’ll call that person tomorrow, do it now, tomorrow may never come. Tell those you love, you love them ever chance you get, don’t let arguments linger address them, work through them and let them go, don’t hold grudges, time will get away from you.

This sounds morbid but it’s true, when you’re stressed out and overwhelmed ask yourself will what your worrying about right now be something prioritized if you where on your death bed, if you knew you where about to die would you care about the pile of laundry? Would you care if your car payment was late? Would you care about all your gray hairs? Would you care about all the he said she said? Would you care about not being invited out on girls night? Would you care about your grass not getting cut? Would you care about all the office drama or the rude customers? No!

Whatever you’re going through right now, whatever stresses you out or is weighing in on you, truly ask yourself does it even truly matter? Naturally there are things that we have to do that we don’t like, responsibilities we have to tend to, bills that have to be paid, dishes that need washed, food that needs bought, of course that stuff matters to a certain extent but don’t let it truly matter, don’t let it consume you, or rob you of you precious and limited time living and enjoying your life. Don’t let it matter more than what truly matters. Time gets away from us and before you know it your time will be out, don’t waste another minute on things that don’t truly matter. Love wholeheartedly, laugh often and live your life to the absolute fullest.

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