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Time to tame your beast

Are you trying to fix things in your life? Heal festering wounds? Mend old scares? Seek repentance and forgiveness for past actions? Are you trying to build a new, healthier and happier life for yourself?

Are you truly willing to put in the work? Willing to shine light on the darkness of those skeletons in your closet? Face your demons and tame your beast? Are you willing to tell your truths, share your story and face all your fears?

See many of us believe solely on the motto fake it tell you make it, as powerful as that concept is it won’t change anything until you put in the work. You can put makeup on a pig and guess what it’s still a pig. Same is true, you can speak positivity regularly, you can act humble, grateful and blessed all day everyday, you can have a great support system, speak a million affirmations, post nothing but feel good up lifting things on your social media, you can go to meetings, retreats, therapy but all of that is useless if you don’t truly apply it, if you don’t do the deep soul work, if you don’t actually address the issues, if you don’t break those habits or make those changes needed in your life to live healthy and happy.

Are you still using and abusing drugs and alcohol? Are you still gambling or cheating? Are you still raging out and fighting with your partner? Still holding grudges? Still waving your victim card? Still tallying up all you’ve done for others? Are you entitled? Are you owed anything? Are you focusing on everything everyone else needs to be doing to make you happy all while forgetting your own accountability?

You have to tame your beast, you have to do the work! It’s not about surface level crap, it’s about deep inner peace, self love, healing, forgiveness, letting go! It’s pure joy, contentment, acceptance, gratitude, and disciplined discovery!

If you want change, you must change. Stop being codependent of other people or things, no one and nothing can make you happy if you don’t first make yourself happy. If you don’t love yourself, respect yourself, take care of yourself, or find yourself, how can anyone else.

It’s time to tame your beast, do the work and start finally living your best life.

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