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Top to bottom change

The fall leaves are beginning to change. We’re feeling the cool crisp air and starting to see yellows, reds, and oranges transform the tree tops. Don’t you find it amazing that in nature we can find most if not all of our examples of living a happy and fulfilling life. The trees are letting go of their leaves so they don’t weight them down in the days to come, they are showing the world that change is a beautiful thing but more importantly they are showing change begins at the top and works it’s way down.

In order to heal you must feel, it’s starts in your mind and works it’s way to your heart. In order to change how you act and react you must first change how you think. Mindset is everything. What you focus on is what you will see. You can be anything you believe yourself to be. Perception is reality.

Let this moment in time be your season of change and growth. Be like the trees let go of all that’s weighing you down. Let go of the shame, the guilt, the regret, the betrayal, the pain, the loneliness and sadness. Let it all go. Stop worrying about what others think about you, stop trying to people pleasing, stop living in the past, stop seeking other’s approval, you do you. Change and growth starts at the top, in your mind and transforms everything else. Happy fall y’all.

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