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Torrential downpour

Rain rain go away come again another day. Like our heart, mind and body the ground can only absorb so much. If there is a torrential downpour in our life our eyes will flood over, tears will flow, a dam of emotions will break, we’ll get swept away by the current. It’s vital to have strong clear gutters or else rainwater and pain can seep into our foundation and make the very ground we rest upon weak.

Today maybe a severe weather day, high winds, standing water, freezing temperatures thunder rolling. But check it out tomorrow the sun will shine and dry up all the rain.

You maybe going through the hardest season of your life. You may have lost a loved one, got a divorce, been in a horrible accident, got sick, lost a job or maybe all the years of self neglect has finally caught up. But I promise, you can make it, you can overcome this heartache you will be ok. Like a flooded river bank you maybe taken a beating right now, losing pieces of yourself, your saturation point has well been exceeded and that’s ok. Ride it out, let it all go when the water levels lower and the debris has been cleared you’ll be able to catch your breath, dry out your roots and strengthen you bank soon enough. Until then just go with the flow and have faith this too shall pass.

Like rain pain is a good thing, no one likes a flash flood however sometimes that’s what’s needed to shake things up for you to focus on what’s important or for you to see what truly need work. Flooding may show you where the build up in the river is or holes in the roof, or weak tree trunks. When we have a flash flood in our life it may show you who your true friends are, who’s in your corner, it may strengthen relationships, it will teach you lessons in gratitude, grace, and resilience you may have never learned with out the floods in you soul. You will come out of this changed that’s guaranteed but how your changed is up to you. Instead of focusing on all the scary, confusing and painful things look around and see the beauty in your struggles. See the compassion from your peers, the support from your community, the love of your family and the amazing strength within.

You got this get out your rain boots, your jacket, a umbrella and go splash in the puddles. You can’t stop the rain but you sure as hell can learn to dance in it.

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