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Trick or Treat

Life is a lot like trick or treating. You walk through life never knowing what’s around the corner. Each door you knock on is an opportunity. Some doors don’t have lights on, some never answer and some are fresh out of candy, but it’s all good, on to the next. You may get scared, may be startled, you may get tired but you push through because the reward of all your treats are worth a few tricks. In life don’t let the skeletons in your closet pile up, own them, use them, learn from them. Don’t let the energy vampires drain you dry, only put your energy into things that serve you. Face your demons head on, the only way to heal it, is to feel it. Don’t let the witches of the world cast their spells telling you, you’re not enough, no one likes you or you suck, it’s all a illusion and they are stealing your powers by breaking you down. Don’t chase the ghost of your past, they are past not present for a reason. On to bigger and better. Chase your dreams, draw near to the rainbow unicorns and pretty princesses, smile when you see cowboys riding a flamingo, laugh when you see a punny pair, enjoy the baby Einstein, or the devil puppy. Don’t be so serious, enjoy the small things, live in the moment, savor your rewards, welcome the laughter and fellowship, and stay wild fairy child. Remember you can be anything you want to be, use your imagination and dream big. The sky’s the limit.

Happy Halloween

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