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Unconditional love

The love a parent has for their children, the love between husband and wife and the love you have for yourself should all be unconditional. Meaning nothing has to be done in order to receive this love. A love without conditions, a love that’s pure, genuine, wholeheartedly, regardless of words and actions, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what they can do or not do. You love unconditionally. This love keeps no score, sometimes feels one sided, and will last all of your life.

Often as a child our examples of love is tainted from long lines of errors, many grow up thinking love is abuse, neglect, division and it goes back through many generations. Breeding, raising, and teaching generation after generation what unhealthy love is. Due to the way one is brought up often  leads to hardship throughout their life. It’s time to break these long lines of pain.

We all know how we want to be loved thus knowing how we should love and what we should except as love. Love is not control, love is not buying things, love is not judgment, love is not one sided, love is not guilt, it’s not shame, it has no strings attached, love is not abuse, or neglect.

Love is acceptance, love is embracing, reassuring, equal. Love is kindness, love is listening, sharing, pure. Love is grounding and natural. Love does not keep tally, or boast. Love is sacrifice, and surrender. Love is a safe place, it’s solid, unshakable, and strong.

Stop settling on being someone’s punching bag in the name of love, cut ties with “friends” that lie behind your back because you love them, weed out toxic family members that only love you for what you can do for them, and stop raising the bar before you’ll finally love yourself.

There’s different kinds of love, you can love someone simply because their human and you wish no harm to come to them, you can have friends you’ve known for many years and have memories with that you love, you can have family that you love because the blood ties and that’s about it. Then you have soul connection love that’s the love of a spouse, your kids and your parents. That love is the love that often causes the most pain or the most happiness and it’s what determines how you love yourself and others.

You can’t go back in time and make someone treat you better or take back hurtful things they said, you can’t erase traumas you’ve went through or delete memories you have. All you can do is focus on now and going forward understand what real unconditional love is and have a zero tolerance for anything less. It’s starts with you. Love yourself unconditionally, forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made, embrace your indifferences, be kind to yourself, no judgement, no expectations, no guilt, just be you and love. Once you truly love yourself everything else will fall in place, you’ll stop settling, you’ll stop allowing others to walk on you, and you’ll finally be free to truly love. You’ll love your friends, family and life more wholeheartedly and genuinely, all by loving yourself first. Unconditionally

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