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We are one

We are all the same we want to belong, be loved and be excepted. Society has created the status quo of what we all should be. What’s normal and what’s not. Drugs and mental health go hand and hand both are swept under the rug. Out of sight out of mind. Addiction is real. Suicide is real. What no one seems to understand is none of us are born with a desire to put a needle in our arm or born hating ourself or others, it’s taught. We don’t come out of the womb thinking we’re ugly, unloved, not worthy, depressed. We come into this world authentically us with hopes and dreams, with a heart that loves and wants to be loved, with a eagerness to learn and grow. Society and life dulls our soul.

Don’t get me wrong there are mental conditions that some are born with. Chromosome or chemicals in the brain may not develop properly and as a result you have disorders such as schizophrenia, Down syndrome, autism, etc. However a lot of mental conditions are a result of survival. Life gave  horrific lessons and they coped the best they could. For a example a little girl was told by her mom how fat she was growing up, body shamed by classmates, and was never comfortable in her own skin she stopped eating and got recognized for once in her life she developed body dysmorphia and anorexia because of it. Another example a kid that was tossed around between foster home after foster home that never felt loved or wanted may develop clinical depression. A boy survived a horrible wreck now he’s phobic of cars, a teen grew up in project housing and seen violence, experienced abuse and neglect and witnessed drive bys now he has PTSD from all he’s been through. What I’m saying is often mental conditions are just a symptom of the life lived.

In life our main objective is to survive. One may escape from the high demand of adult responsibilities by reading novels or writing poetry, someone else may sing songs and play the guitar, some work out or run, others may work a lot or turn to food to disconnect. Sometimes people turn to gambling, sex and or drugs. Addiction is not just found in drugs. You can become addicted to anything you do excessively, anything you become dependent upon and anything you can not quit.

Drugs addicts don’t just decide to be addicted one day and that’s it, typically they are running from something or in search of something that got them addicted in the first place. The person maybe depressed and the drugs numb their sadness, they may have anxieties and the alcohol silences their mind, they may be manic and the pills slow them down long enough to breath. They may have been prescribed painkillers after an accident and it wasn’t enough so they went to the streets to find relief. It’s all about survival.

Politicians don’t want to fix it, big pharma gets rich off of it and society turns a blind eye. The fact is mental health care should be readily available so people don’t have to self medicate. Drug rehabilitation should be prioritized in our country and legislation should be held accountable for the lack of resources. We can’t our nation’s problems if we don’t first look within. The change starts with us. The man in the mirror. We have to understand it all starts somewhere and somehow. We’re all just trying to survive. I’m not saying addiction and suicide is ok because it’s not, they both bring nothing but more pain, suffering and destruction to everyone effected. What I’m saying is we have to come together and love one another, lift each other up, show compassion and empathy and stop sweeping it under the rug. Make it socially acceptable to talk about your own struggles, telling your story and acknowledge it’s ok to ask for help. We have to take our eyes off the screen, put down our phones and make time for those we encounter. Start smiling, greeting and having conversations again. We’re all in this together.

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