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We’re all just tired

Did you ever watch the walking dead, or really any other zombie show or movie? Most all of them have the same plot, a virus spreads infecting all the people and they turn into cannibals that eat the faces off they’re peers and the whole world is at risk….end of story…..

Well…. That’s kind of what we’re all turning into maybe not the flesh eating living dead girl thing but close enough.

We all are just tired. We’re alive but not living. We’re in debt to our eyeballs, we have very few real connections or conversations, we’re in survival mode all the time, we as a society have lost a ton of our values, ethics and humanity. We selfishly get stuck in our own little world and forget about everyone else. We’re fast to anger and bite someone’s face off because we’re wound up so tight. We go through the motions of life but don’t take the time to truly appreciate life itself. We work, we eat, we sleep and repeat everyday just going through the motions. We’re tired. We’re walking zombies. Many try to self medicate with drugs and alcohol, some chase the dopamine rush with endless scrolling on their phones, gambling, infidelity, materialism, cars, food etc… they’re re on a search to feel something other than what they are feeling.

Are you a zombie? Are you just going through the motions? Are you in survival mode?

The cure is you. Stop and smell the roses, make a decision to reach out and connect regularly with your friends and family, take a walk in the park, play with a baby, go do crafts with your grandma. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes, snap out of it and start truly loving and living your life. There are a million things to appreciate and be thankful for, start counting them. If you enjoy being a zombie and walking around in a haze then by all means let this world swallow you whole but it’s not for me. If you want change, you must change! Break those old habits, let go of false beliefs, put down your wall of protection and start enjoying the moment, stop going through the motions truly savor them. Ain’t you tired of being sick and tired?

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