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We’re all like onion

Have you ever looked at someone and envied them and their life. They are beautiful, fit, always looks good, nice car, big house and great job, they have their crap together and you wish you could too. We all do, we judge people and get jealous from time to time. However…. Keep in mind if you peel back some layers I’m sure you’ll find less then ideal things about that person you envy. What we show the world and what others show are often just surface level layers. Mostly a façade to protect themselves.

We’re all like a onion. We have many layers to our soul and self. On the outside one maybe well kept yet on the inside, starving for real love and affection, another may have nice cars and a house but have abandonment issues. The busy body that juggles a million different things and ceo of a big company may struggle with intense ADHD and staying busy is their only way to cope. The person that seems to have all their crap together may actually struggle with a eating disorder. Once you start to truly get to know someone and you peel back the layers you’ll see they have issues, past traumas, skeletons in their closet, they have unfavorable behaviors they can’t break, they have lies they’ve been told about themself that haunt them, they have false beliefs, insecurities, weaknesses that hold them back etc… surface level all is well internally it’s pure hell.

We have no idea what demons other people battle, we only know what they let us know and visa versa others don’t truly know about you. Don’t be quick to judge and envy someone on first glance. Sure let others motivate you but realize we all have struggles we endure daily and baggage that weighs us down.

Take a big hard look at yourself and all your different layers. What are you truly struggling with? What lies do you tell yourself? What’s your traumas, your pains, what’s holding you back from reaching your goals? Are you hurting, if so get the pain out, cry, yell, scream break things. Dig into your pain and find the truths throw the lies out the window. What has caused your insecurities, figure that out and start taking steps to strengthen your ego.

Understand you are not defined as your past mistakes or your horrible experiences. You are loved, you are wanted, you are needed and you are enough. You can be and do anything you think you can, you just have to believe in yourself. Don’t give others the power to rule your life. You are the captain of your own vessel. Just know that whatever you are struggling with, you’re not alone. We all have things tucked down in between the layers of our soul. You and only you have the ability to let those things rule you or you rule them, you can let your loss become a lesson, your pain become a blessing, your sadness become your strength. You can live in a victim state or be a overcomer, it’s up to you. Peel back your layers and get rid of the crap that doesn’t belong, weed through the junk that’s cluttering your mind, let go of all that’s holding you back. Get busy living your best life. You got this!

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