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We’re going through changes

It’s that time of year your babies are going off to school many are having their first, first day entering kindergarten, some are going into middle school, or entering high school for the first time. Some are having their last first day and it’s heartbreaking. Some are packing their bags and moving to college many miles away from home. Some have enlisted into the military and entering boot camp. The fears, the emptiness, the what ifs. All these parents have one thing in common. We’re going through changes.

How fitting that at the end of summer we begin this new chapter in life. The kids are growing and finding their way. Autumn is approaching temperatures are about to start cooling the leaves will soon change colors and fall.

In life we have to have seasons just like in nature. We have beautiful seasons like spring full of growth and productivity, we have summer seasons full of sunshine and memories, we have fall full of change and harvest and we have winter full of hibernation and restoration. Each season of life has days that warm your soul or days that freeze your bones both are vital for growth.

As you open these new chapters in your book don't resist the new, embrace it, be excited, celebrate these milestones. Welcome these first, these steps are steps that have to be made in order to reach the next chapter. We’re simply going through changes that’s it. The love, the memories, the relationship, the bond will always be there the only thing different is how much they’ve grown and the independence they now have. Be proud, have faith and rest assured they know where home is and who to call if they’re ever in doubt.

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