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What is a life coach and why do I need one?

So what exactly is a life coach and how would a decompression sessions help me in my life? What should I expect?

Life coaches help in specific areas, such as health and fitness, relationship, time management, personal life coaching, work/family balance, Carbon coach

, business and corporate coaching, retirement coaching and spiritual coaching. Most coaches find a area they have the most knowledge and experience in and work with clients in those areas. Many types of coaching overlap.

For example I am a personal life coach, I will help with time management, balancing work and family, self improvement, relationships and spiritual development.

If you have tried to get you life in order over and over but can’t stick to anything that’s what I’m here for. We’ll set up a time to meet one on one for a free session to make sure we’re a good fit. Then we’ll set up a session plan, typically a 3 month plan is needed to meet goals and change habits. Together we will focus on problems in your life and come up with a game plan. You’ll be given homework such as writing in your journal, going on a date with your husband, girls day with your daughter, taking daily walks, house chore list, calling your friend etc…. You’ll meet with me weekly and we’ll go over your progress. We’ll assess where you are regularly and continue to improve your game plan. I will check in via text, email or a quick call throughout your membership period. We may go on hikes, meet at the park, meet at my home office or your place it all depends on your needs and wants. I find nature to be extremely therapeutic and help communication run smoothly so ideally I’d like to give you the tools you need out in the real world.

Life coaches are not therapist or psychologist we can’t diagnose or treat patients with mental health issues. We are only here to listen to your needs and desires in life and help you reach them, cheer you on, motivate, inspire and hold you accountable. Life coaches practice under confidentiality clause meaning nothing you say can ever be discussed out side of our session with the exception of hurting someone else or yourself.

Having a life coach is the same concept as a personal trainer. Some people are naturally born meat heads and have no problems being dedicated to a diet plan or work out schedule however not all of us are made that way. We all know how to get in shape and workout or at least have an idea how it’s done many of us get a membership to a gym yet never go or only go a few times, we may get a workout buddy and go a few times a week and get burnt out. We may try all sorts of fads in supplements or shakes yet can never get a grip of the whole lifestyle change. That’s when a personal trainer will benefit and give you the tools you need to meet your goals and hold you to it. Same as a life coach.

Investing in a life coach is investing in yourself and your future. My coaching style in the decompression sessions are very practical and real. I will use simple terms open dialogue and use real life analogies to explain. We will work in any area you need help in. This is a two way street meaning we both have to work to be successful to reach your goals.

Let me know if and when the pressure of life become too much and we’ll learn together how to help you decompress.

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