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What is self worth?

Imagine have a child. Is your love for that baby only based off what that baby can do for you or how it looks. Will you love that baby less if it soils it’s diaper or will you love it more when it starts to walk. Is that baby only worthy of good things if it can do good things? Is that baby only worthy of protection and nutrition if it also brings something to the table? Will you stop loving your kid if it’s not the best dancer, painter, football player? Will you love it less if it’s fat or gets pimples. Will you love your child more if makes straight A’s in school. Will you love it less if grows up to flip burgers vs being a CEO of a company, Of course not you love that baby simply because, because it’s your baby, it’s human It’s alive and has a heartbeat it is worthy and deserves everything good.

We’ve got to start seeing ourselves more like a baby, our worth is not measurable. Because we try to put a price tag on everything is why we lose ourself and get stuck in the self sabotage, self hating, personal attacks within ourself, over and over.

You are worthy of love, peace, happiness, and joy simply because you are.

Your body type, skin color, sex, hair, economic status, balance in your bank, your home, car, job title, or possessions you have, mean absolutely nothing in regards of worthiness.

Often we link our self worth to our kids, then they grow up and we’re lost, we link our worth to a job and then that position is no longer needed and we lose it, our self worth is linked to our body and we gain a few pounds and we lose it, our cars and it gets totaled and we lose it. Your self worth is non conditional meaning your self is your worth. Your appearance and or belongings are not your self. The people in your life or titles you carry are not your self. Once you realize you do not have to fit in any specific category or have certain things to be considered worthy you will begin to love yourself and also demand love and respect because you are worthy! You, yourself are worthy regardless of what phase of life you're in, simply because you’re you. Own that.

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