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When I showed up and came to my rescue

I was so alone in this big old world. Walking around in circles. Going through the motions of life but never actually living. I would put all my eggs in one basket, holding on tight to the friendships or relationship I so desperately wanted. Chasing their love, longing for a deep soul connection. Putting value on others over myself, yet I was disappointed and let down over and over. I realized although I was loved and had people that cheered me on I couldn't depend on them always showing up in the way I needed. So I showed up. I came to my own rescue. I finally started to value myself and connect to my soul, I gave her a voice, a platform to stand on, I pulled her out from under the rug everyone walked on. She grew, she blossomed, she excelled. I came through for myself. You see when we put expectations on others, we meet disappointment head on over and over, its not necessarly because the other person is malicious or unloving but simply they don't think the way I do, love the way I do or feel the way I do therefore them showing up the way they can may not be what I need. I had to show up for myself and then when others did it was just a extra bonus. I became strong, I began to heal, I forgave myself and finally started to love me. I stopped hurting myself and cut toxic people out of my life that hurt me as well. I stopped listening to the crap others said and I began to focus on myself. I stopped explaining, justifying and apologizing, I done me. I am my own hero, the solution to my problems, the cure to my sickness, I am my own saving grace. I showed up, and came to my own rescue, and so can you!!!

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