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Who are you?

Who we truly are and what our identity is are two totally different things. Our identity is surface level, what we show the world, our race, our sex, our religion, our status, our jobs, our appearance etc. We’re kind of like houses from the outside you can make assumptions about what’s inside based on what we see on the outside, yet you’ll never know until you walk through the door what’s truly inside. We show the world what we want them to know, until someone builds that trust and deemed worthy they’re not given access inside.

Often we get caught up in becoming what we think the world wants us to be versus who we truly are met to be. It’s a huge problem if you’re searching for true happiness. You can’t be truly satisfied in life if your not living you most authentic life. If you’re too afraid to be who you truly are you'll struggle with a void in your soul, you’ll feel empty, like you’re not good enough, not worthy, lonely, unseen, unheard, fake. Why worry about what other think about you, if they can’t even see who you truly are beyond the surface level you show.

Our hopes and dreams, our passions and hobbies, our skills and talents, our heart and drive, our stories and testimony, our strengths and weaknesses, are what makes us, us. Don’t get caught up with focusing on what the world thinks of you, instead focus on what you think of you. Love yourself first, set yourself free of surface level distractions, understand you do not have to fit in any certain box. You just be you. If someone doesn’t like what the outside of your home looks like understand that’s a them problem, not a you problem, your not living life for everyone else, your living for you. Just like your home doesn’t house everyone and their mama it’s for you and yours that’s it.

We all struggle with who we truly are and our identity. When you meet a stranger or bump into someone in public. Keep in mind they’re no different then you. You can judge and assume all you want but what you see may not be the truth. You don’t know them beyond surface level. Be humble and kind. Understand there is so much unseen beneath the surface level, show grace, mercy and compassion.

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