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Who are you?

Figuring out who you are starts with figuring out who you are not.

Mama didn’t raise no quitter, actually yes , yes I did. My daughter cheered for one whole season when she was 6 she hated it, it was not fun for her at all. I made her commit to one season, we don’t quit until we give it a genuine chance. One it’s expensive so I made sure she got what I paid for but also none of us like things we are not good at and of course if you’ve never done something, naturally you probably won’t be very good at it until you learn. She learned the cheers, she learned the steps, she went to all the practices all the games and the competitions. She even won homecoming princess but the fact was it wasn’t for her. I never made her do it again. We can’t figure out who we are until we figure out who we are not.

Look at all the many different jobs you’ve had. Ive been a hostess, a waitress, a laborer for a construction company, manages a tanning salon, done cultured stone, worked at a gas station, cleaned houses and life coached. We don’t know what we like until we find what we don’t, it’s ok to quit the moment you realize it’s not for you. On to the next.

Remember in elementary school and the note that got passed to you that simply had “ Want to be my girlfriend? Yes, no or maybe? How many of y’all married your first crush chances are none, and if you did it wasn’t until you had a chance to date several other people. Not everyone is going to be your cup of tea and that’s ok. You do not have to wait until they do something horrible to break up, you do not have to pick fights or sabotage your relationship, just simply say this isn’t what you want and end it. This notion of you have to have a reason to break up or someone done something wrong is insane. It’s ok to just not be a good fit. You can like the person as a person and not as relationship material.

Look at all the billions of different foods, sure they maybe edible, they may fill your stomach but that doesn’t mean it’s for you. Don’t be scared to try things, you’ll never know until you know, but it may not be your choice ever again.

Start and stop a million different things, quit what doesn’t suit you and don’t be afraid to explore your options. This goes for college, career, relationships, food, fashion, hobbies everything! The only way to figure out who you are and what you want in life is by figuring out what you don’t like or want. Don’t be scared to try. In order to find your self, you must first be willing to search and explore.

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