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Who are you?

Often when someone asks who are you it goes something like this…. I am a mother of two, a wife of 20 years, I’m from WNC, I’m a daughter, a sister, a aunt, I am a business owner, I drive a Jeep and am a TarHeel fan. In fact those things are things that describe me however they aren’t what defines me.

What defines me are all the places I’ve went, the stories I’ve told, the kids I’ve coached, the women I’ve inspired. I’m defined by the articles I’ve written, the books I’ve read, the millions of songs I’ve sang along to. Im defined by the traumas and hardships I’ve went through and overcome. The pain and happiness I balance. The rage I cage and control, the protector, warrior, fighter I have within me. I’m defined by every random rock or feather I pick up, the mountains and oceans I’m mesmerized by, I’m defined by the grace and power I see in thunderstorms, the beauty I find in the sky. I’m defined by all the laughs I share, the smile lines that’s etched my skin, and all the tears I’ve cried through all these years.  I’m defined by the empathy I display with complete strangers. The forgiveness I give to those that wrong me. The helping hand I lend to the helpless and those in need. I’m defined by the faith I have in God and our universe. I’m defined by my calluses and arthritic joints from hard work and harder play. I’m defined by so many more things than just titles, labels and adjectives. I am all I am because of all I’ve been through.

When we put labels on ourself it’s like trying to leash a wild wolf. You restrain your own spirit. You imprison your soul. Like a gypsy buying real estate, a singer signing to one genera, a bird with clipped feathers. You can in fact be a straight woman and still appreciate the beauty of the same sex, you can be a athlete that loves to eat cake, you can be a Christian that sins, or a democrat that wants to secure our boarders, you can be a wife and still enjoy your alone time, you can be a business owner that actually takes vacation, you can be a man and cry, or a woman and get dirty

Stop selling yourself short. Stop forgetting about all you’ve overcome and accomplished. Stop labeling yourself. You are you, embrace it. There is no one that’s went through, seen or done all that you have. No affiliation, team, religion, group, side, or label you can carry that fits you to a tee. We are all contradictions and do not belong in a box. Stop dimming your own light. Be proud to be you, authenticity, boldly, freely YOU!

Again I ask who are you?

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