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You can have your cake and eat it too.

I’m a foodie. I love to try different foods. My husband looks at me in disbelief a lot of the times with some of my concoctions I make, I’ve got a creative palate 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love sweet and spicy like jalapeño honey, or sweet and savory like pineapple on pizza. I like to go into restaurants and tell them to just give me whatever is their favorite, to surprise me and believe it or not I’ve never been disappointed, they always bring me something delicious and also something I would have never ordered myself.

Cooking is a form of art, the way the chief preps, cooks and displays the meal. It’s a smooth and beautiful dance in the kitchen. A chief is constantly trying new things, adding to recipes and techniques, they try to have a assortment of different things to appease all types of nutritional needs and preferences.

A cook can take things that by themselves are not very appealing mix them together and make a deliciously moist loaf of bread. They may add salt and seasonings to a thick steak, salt by itself is not very tasty but added to a hunk of meat can be mouth watering.

Building a great life is a lot like cooking a awesome cake. You can mix a little trauma and pain adding it to your strength and courage. A dash of doubt and loneliness stirred into your pride and love. Kneed in some compassion and empathy. Blending in your drive and ambition. Frosted and topped off with your kindness and fight and you’ll have something amazing.

Like a raw egg, pain and sadness isn’t anything we necessarily crave to have but like the egg the pain will help us rise, grow and bond to what we are meant to be. Lard sound disgusting just like traumas however you must add it into the mix to avoid being burned. See everything you go through and face are just necessary ingredients for you to be exactly what your supposed to be. You may have to bake a little longer then you’d like, or you may require extra cooling time however eventually you can have your cake and eat it too. Understand in life you have to have struggle in order to achieve success, heartache to feel love, bad days happen to appreciate the good. Salty people are everywhere but so are sweet. Find your healthy balance and dig in. Bon Appetite!

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