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You get out what you put in

You get out of life, whatever you put into it. Sure there are a ton of things out of our control. You can’t help where you’re born, your genetics, your dna, sicknesses or diseases that may infect you, bumps in your path, traumas, tragedy or despair. However you can manage how you, yourself act and or react to the hand you’re dealt.

Successful business owners don’t become successful simply by dreaming and wanting, they put in the hard work, they never settle, they chase their dreams, they believe in themselves and keep pushing.

A star athlete isn’t a champion simply because they where born with good genetics. They tirelessly train, they do drill after drill, they condition themselves relentlessly. They build amazing muscle memory and memorize moves, plays, and tactics. They spend hours on end on the mat, court, track, or field.

Long successful and happy marriages don’t exist simply because they made some vows and said I do. The couple is committed to loving one another through the good and the bad, they don’t give up the moment things get challenging, they communicate and support one another, they build on their bond regularly, they work through their issues and don’t sweep them under the rug.

The fact is a lot of us sit around with a sense of entitlement. We bitch and moan life isn’t fair. I want, I want, I want yet ain’t doing shit to get it. You want to have your own successful business yet you settled working at a minimum wage job and your not pursuing your dreams, you want a athletic build yet you Netflix and chill nightly eating your cookies and chips, you want to have a long healthy marriage yet you fight over every little thing and have random girls in your DMs.

Whatever you put into your life is exactly what you’ll get out of it. Stop settling for mediocre, stop half ass applying yourself to the things you “want”. Go all in, be committed, driven, dedicated and motivated. If you want something, do something about it and go make the life you want. The ball is in your court

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