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You’re going to miss this

In life all we have is a bunch of moments, rarely are we warned when our last of those moments will be. We’re not given the opportunity to truly savory that last time up to bat, that last dinner with our grandparents, the last time your baby slept in your arms, the last time you sat on the bleachers and cheered, the last time you ate dinner together under one roof, the last…..quickly is replaced with the first of something new. A new phase, a new chapter a new beginning. We constantly change, constantly evolve, constantly move from one thing to the next. No time to say goodbye, no time to grieve the olden days, no time to feel their void.

Weekly dinners at grandmas, smell of cabbage, wheel of fortune on the tv, bored sitting around with a bunch of old people.

You’re going to miss those days, when she’s no longer here.

Early morning bus ride, long 4 periods classes, crappy school lunch, intense repetitive practice. Longing for the day you graduate and finally get out of this place.

You’re going to miss the mundane school days when you have to clock in and work 40 hours every week.

Crying baby, sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and endless bottles to sanitize.

You’re going to miss this when they no longer fit in your arms or sleep on your chest.

Juggling work, rushing to go watch your daughters play, racing to get to your sons football game and living off crockpot meals.

Your going to miss the chaos and long to cook for more than two.

Instead of fearing the end make the most out of each moment, celebrate and soak in everything, don’t get sucked into the whirlwind of the hustle and bustle, take your time and make it count. Each and every day has something special to offer you, look for it, open your eyes and truly see all your millions of tiny little blessings. Time is precious don’t rush the good stuff.

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