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You’re the company you keep

Did your parents ever warn you not to hang out with certain groups of kids growing up, not to associate with trouble makers, or run with the rebels, the kids that skipped school, went to parties or started fights? I know mine did and once I became a parent I warned my children as well. You are the company you keep, even if you don’t partake in any forbidden activities. If a cop pulls you over in your car and your passengers has stolen property or drug paraphernalia guess who’s getting the ticket? You are, even if you knew nothing about it and never touched drugs before you’re guilty by association.

This same principle applies in all aspects. Like attracts like. We feed off others energy. You could be having a crappy day, nothing went right, bills are due and you’re stressed about your sick grandma, you walked around all day with your mean face on, overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. Then everything changed when you got home and your best friend came over to visit. She is bubbly, optimistic, full of energy, rainbows and sunshine seem to seep from her pours and because of her goofy demeanor she helped bring you out of your funk. She didn’t actually do anything other than be in your presence, her positive spirit was more powerful than your negative energy therefore, you simply matched her energy. This goes both ways you could of just as easily flipped her perspective and turned her sunshine into storm clouds. Be mindful of the company you keep and remember misery loves company.

If you’re trying to work on yourself one of the first things you need to address is your circle. Do you have a bunch of people supporting you, that are cheering you on, that are relatively happy and out going or are you surrounded by negative Nancy’s always bringing you down or telling you you can’t do this or that, that your not good enough? Are you around people that build you up or break you down? Are they in your life to take but never give? Ask yourself why you allow them space in your world? If they hurt you why do you keep them around? It maybe time to cut some cords and release yourself from their grip.

Now dig a little deeper. If it’s not smart to have trouble making friends, or being surrounded by negative people can bring you down, then what about yourself? Our souls are much like a three person debate you have you mind feeding your ego telling yourself either you’re awesome or you suck, warning you of how scary new things are, reminding you of your past, avoiding change because it’s challenging and in survival mode. You have your heart that just wants to be loved and accepted, it wants to belong regardless of the cost. Then you have your body carrying the load. If you’re happy, life flows well and you’re healthy. If you’re stressed and sad your body will react your immune will weaken and you head will hurt, you’ll be tired and sick.

Change your negative mindset by focusing on positive things, face your past head on, release your feelings regularly, journal, talk to someone, busy your mind with things that make you happy. Don’t dwell on things you can’t control and stop burdening yourself with other people’s problems. Protect your heart by loving yourself above all. If you love yourself then it’s easy to cut toxic people and things out. Don’t settle, and stop listening to the naysayers. If your mind and heart are on the same page your body will follow, you’ll be able to sleep better, will get sick less, you’ll have more energy and eager to face the day.

It’s time to clean house. Throw out the garbage and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. Remember you are the company you keep

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