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You’ve changed

Yes, yes in fact I have. I’ve changed. I’ve changed from a broken, hurt, mad, confused and self sabotaging teen, to a struggling, barely hanging on young mom, to a grown ass woman that takes no crap. I have changed, I love myself, I’ve determined what finally makes me happy, and I stopped being a people pleaser….. I will continue to change and evolve and figure out who and what the hell I am. I will change. Who I am today will not be the person I am 10 years from now. Parts of me may become a little softer, more giving, more affectionate, more accepting yet other parts may become harder, bordered, guarded or off limits. What I believe today may change tomorrow depending on the life experiences I face or lessons I learn. My outlook on life, family, passion and love my contradict tomorrow’s outlook. And I’m completely ok with that. I’ve changed.

See as we grow we learn. There are lesson in the losses, gains in the pains, wisdom in the years and value in the memories. What is important today may not even matter tomorrow. The key is being happy now, pursuing your goals now, living your life now. Nothing is impossible, nothing is permanent or written in concrete until you draw your last breath. Live for today, today, leaving tomorrow for tomorrow.

There are so many lost souls, trying to fit into a box that society deems expectable. Live the American dream, go to college, get married, have kids, a couple pets, white picket fence, work your 9-5, pay your taxes and be happy but what if the American dream isn’t your dream. What if you want to travel the world in a van, what if you don’t want a house with a picket fence instead you want a hut on a island somewhere, what if you don’t want a 9-5 instead you want to be a freelancer working remotely anywhere in the world?

What if you decide a path and realize it’s not the path you want and you change? I say embrace it, give yourself permission to be who you want. The only way to figure out who you are is to figure out who you’re not. You’ll find what you like based off of trying new things and seeing what you don’t like. Be ok with changing your mind a million different times, be ok with changing, be ok with being who and what you are presently. No explanations needed, no justification warranted, no reasoning just simply you being you and doing what makes you happy right now! You’ll change.

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